Ultimate Rock Solid PhotoBooth Bundle

With the Ultimate Rock Solid PhotoBooth Bundle, all you need is your camera, laptop with photo booth software, a monitor, and you are ready to create the ultimate photo booth experience. This is the perfect photo booth kit for events, wedding or parties.

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Photo Booths Made Easy

The Ultimate Rock Solid PhotoBooth Bundle is a modular booth setup designed to utilize existing equipment that a photographer may already own. Designed with professional and amateur photographers in mind, our photo booths set up easy, travel light, and won’t break the bank.

What’s Included:

  • One (1) Tether Table Aero
  • One (1) TetherPro USB Cable 15′ (3m)
  • One (1) Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands
  • One (1) Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm
  • One (1) RapidMount Cold Shoe Elbow
  • One (1) Rock Solid Camera Platform
  • One (1) Rock Solid 22″ Telescoping Arm
  • One (1) Rock Solid Master Clamp
  • One (1) Rock Solid Side Arm
  • One (1) TetherPro HDMI Cable 6′ (1.8m)
  • One (1) Rock Solid Master C-stand or Rock Solid Low Boy Roller
  • One (1) Dual Wing Sand Bag
  • One (1) Tether Table Aero Storage Bag
Tether Tools Photo Booth
Photo Booth Couple

Setting Up

For detailed instructions on setting up the Ultimate Rock Solid PhotoBooth Bundle, view this PDF


For larger monitors with larger VESA patterns, the Rock Solid VESA Adapter Plates 200×200, 200×400 and the Rock Solid VESA Adapter Plate Extensions (sold separately) have been created to meet just about any monitor’s specifications.

Photo Booth Software

Run your photo booth with ease and create lasting memories with these photo booth software options.

What is VESA?

Hole patterns on the back of your flat panel monitor follow standards created by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). These hole patterns correspond to measurements that all major display manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, and LG use. VESA pattern measurements are standardized to guarantee that your flat panel monitor correctly attaches to a mounting bracket.

Suggested Uses:

  • Easily provide a photo booth function for your clients without the need for a separate piece of expensive equipment. When not being used as a photo booth, the same equipment can be dismantled and used in a number of other capacities and situations in the photography and film workflow.

Perfect for: Wedding & Event Photographers

What’s Included:

*Please note the Ultimate Rock Solid PhotoBooth Bundle does not include a monitor or photobooth software.