Tethered Photography Basics


What is Tethered Photography and Why is it Important?

Images captured using a tethered photography workflow get saved directly onto your computer’s hard drive in the folder of your choice. Tethering software then displays the images on the larger computer or tablet screen as they are captured so you can see them clearly. Tethering helps you get the perfect photo in fewer shots. Viewing images on a larger screen is a great way for you and your clients to spot issues with focus, lighting, posing or composition. You’ll spend less time editing and your clients can let you know the moment you’ve captured the shot they are looking for.

Benefits to Shooting Tethered:

  • View images on a large monitor as you shoot
  • Instantly see images at full resolution
  • Check critical focus, composition, styling, etc.
  • Adjust lighting and camera settings more quickly and easily
  • Control camera settings and remote trigger from connected device
  • Share images with art director/client on site or remotely
  • Collaborate more effectively with assistants, stylists and subjects
  • Tag, rate, compare and share images while you shoot
  • Share images on multiple devices
  • Back up files to hard-drive while shooting
  • Move images from laptop to desktop in an instant
  • Reduce the chance of image loss

What You Need to Get Started

TetherPro Cables

TetherPro Cable

There are many different types of USB and FireWire cables and port connections and it may be hard to know which cable will work best with your equipment. Let us help ensure you purchase the right cable the first time. By using our Cable Compatibility Finder, you can easily determine the options available for your needs. Find the Right Cable
Starter Tethering Kit

Starter Tethering Kit

Designed to be the basic package for photographers interested in shooting tethered. The Starter Tethering Kit from Tether Tools will help you seamlessly transition into a tethered workflow and provides the basics you need to get started. Shop Now
Pro Tethering Kit

Pro Tethering Kit

Designed with the working professional photographer in mind, the Pro Tethering Kit is the ideal package to help you transition to a consistent tethered photography workflow. The Tether Tools Pro Tethering Kit is an innovative solution that will take your photography and professional image to the next level by enhancing productivity, improving efficiency, and increasing safety in your workflow. Shop Now

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Ultimate Tethering Guide

Ultimate Tethering Guide

Tether Tools and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) have come together to create The Ultimate Tethering Guide out of a shared commitment to providing the creative community with the most valuable and useful resources that support the practice of still and motion photography. Download Now
Better When You Tether Guide

Better When You Tether Guide

Tether Tools’ Better When You Tether educational series featuring behind the scenes articles from professional photographers is now available in an easy-to-read downloadable guide. We partnered up with the industry’s best and brightest to offer insights into the power of shooting tethered. Download it now to refresh your skills or share it with fellow photographers, assistants, stylists and friends – it’s a great benefit for everyone on your shoot! Download Now
How I Got the Shot Educational Guide

How I Got the Shot Educational Guide

In this How I Got the Shot Educational Series we partner up with PhotoShelter to showcase work from ten incredibly talented professional photographers whose work widely varies and includes fashion, commercial, time-lapse, product, portrait, fine art and conceptual photography. Each educational article features a different image, behind-the-scenes video, as well as a detailed breakdown of how the shot was made. We’re proud to share this How I Got the Shot Educational Series with you and thank these ten photographers for pulling back the curtain on their latest shoot. Download Now
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