About Tether Tools

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, our founder Josh Simons introduced our very first product the Tether Table Premier in 2008. It filled a need for photographers – a versatile platform to secure their computer when shooting tethered.

Today, Tether Tools designs and manufactures innovative workstations, mounting options for lighting and accessories, and power solutions for photographers and filmmakers shooting tethered both in studio and on-location. With tablet, laptop, monitor, phone, camera and lighting mounts that integrate directly with your existing photography gear, Tether Tools can help set your gear where you want it when you need it.

We believe in quality craftsmanship and proudly produce the majority of our products in the U.S.A using only the finest materials. We are very proud that our pro-grade equipment is the used by the best in the industry, as Tether Tools strives to embrace innovation and foster the collaboration of creative professionals worldwide.

Our Team

Josh Simons Josh Simons
Founder + CEO
Lauren Kapinos Lauren Kapinos
VP of Sales
Josh Kenzer Josh Kenzer
VP of Marketing
Thomas Rogers Thomas Rogers
Logistics Manager
Liz Boettcher Liz Boettcher
Account Manager
Tom Pitts Tom Pitts
Content Marketing Manager
Laura Heilman Laura Heilman
PR & Marketing Communications Manager
Brian Trummel Brian Trummel
Art Director
Adam Gonzales Adam Gonzales
Lead Web Developer
Catherine Slye Catherine Slye
Customer Service Specialist
Christian Maldonado Christian Maldonado
Shipping & Distribution Manager
Ray Carrion Ray Carrion
Warehouse Specialist
Robert Olivas Robert Olivas
Warehouse Specialist
Debbie Fay Debbie Fay
Anders Espersen Anders Espersen
European Business Development & Training
Jackson Jackson
Tether Tools Mascot

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