Relay Camera Coupler

Relay Camera Couplers from Tether Tools work in tandem with the Case Relay Camera Power System (CPS) to keep your camera powered continually with an external 5V USB battery pack or wall power. Relay provides peace of mind knowing you have an uninterrupted power source for your camera. Find the right one for your camera.

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Infinite Power for Your Camera

The Relay Camera Coupler combined with the Case Relay Camera Power System provides constant, uninterruptable power for your camera and is perfect for time-lapse photography, photo booths, video production and power-hungry LiveView shooting or any long day on the set. Need more power? Hot swap in another power bank and continue shooting while never losing power to your camera.

How does it work?


Simply insert the Relay Camera Coupler directly into the camera battery port, attach it to the Case Relay CPS and power your camera with any standard 5V external battery (commonly known as a portable USB charger, which you can get most anywhere) or an AC power source, such as a wall outlet or generator.

Relay Camera Coupler & Relay CPS Benefits:

  • More cost effective than purchasing multiple proprietary camera batteries
  • Power sources are non-proprietary. Power your camera with the same 5V battery you use to charge phones or tablets.
  • Never need to charge camera batteries again. And never run out power.
  • Compatible with most Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, and Olympus cameras. Check to confirm your camera model is supported.
  • A Case Relay Camera Power System (sold separately) is required to use the Relay Camera Coupler.

Product Specifications:

  • Relay Coupler is simply an insert for your camera battery cavity that enables powering the camera via Case Relay Camera Power System. The coupler does not contain a battery or hold a charge.
  • Coupler cable is 10" (25.4cm) - Coupler cable with Relay cable is 50" (127cm)

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Suggested Uses:

  • Pair the Relay Camera Coupler with the Case Relay Camera Power System to provide constant, uninterruptable power for your camera

Check Compatibility:

Relay Camera Coupler Compatible Manufacturer Battery
CRC400 Canon Battery BP-511A
CRCE5 Canon Battery LP-E5
CRCE6 Canon Battery LP-E6
CRCE8 Canon Battery LP-E8
CRCE10 Canon Battery LP-E10
CRCE15 Canon Battery LP-E12
CRCE18 Canon Battery LP-E17
CRW126 Fuji Battery NP-W126
CRN5 Nikon Battery EN-EL9a
CRN5A Nikon Battery EN-EL14A
CRN5B Nikon Battery EN-EL15
CRND4 Cable CRND4 compatible with Nikon EN-EL18
CRN5C Nikon Battery EN-EL24
CRBLN-1 Olympus Battery BLN-1
CRPBLE9 Panasonic Battery DMW-BLG10
CRPBLC12 Panasonic Lumix Battery DMW-BLC12
CRPBLF19 Panasonic Battery DMW-BLF19
CRSFW50 Sony Battery NP-FW50
CRCNPF Sony NP-F L Series Devices
CRL200 CRL200 for Sony

What's Included:

  • One (1) Relay Camera Coupler