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Aero ProPad for the Tether Table Aero

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Aero ProPad for the Tether Table Aero

The NEW Aero ProPad for the Tether Table Aero system is an easy-to-use, cushioned, non-slip pad that keeps the Aero Table, and the gear on it, from slipping or scratching. Aero ProPad V2 features a specially-formulated memory foam material that returns the ProPad to its original shape and thickness, even after being clamped or pressed. The wave-channeling on the ProPads surface disperses the heat generated by your laptop computer though embedded air channels.

All Aero ProPads are custom-sized for their respective table sizes, so please make sure you select the appropriate table size when placing your order.

Suggested Uses
  • Keep your laptop from slipping
  • Protect your gear and your table from getting scratched
  • Keep your laptop cool
  • Sized based on selection above
    • ProPad for Master (22"x16"/ 56cm x 40cm)
    • ProPad for Standard (18"x16"/ 45cm x 40cm)
    • ProPad for Traveler (16"x14"/ 40cm x 35cm)
    • ProPad for MPB 17" (17.50"x11.50"/ 44.5cm x 29cm)
    • ProPad for MPB 15" (16.25"x10.82"/ 41.25cm x 27.50cm)
    • ProPad for MBP 13" (14.75"x10"/ 37.50cm x 25.50cm)
    • ProPad for Utility Tray (11.5" x 8" / 29cm x 20cm)
  • Black
  • Memory foam material won't loose shape or padding over time
  • Heat dispersing air flow channels

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Package includes:

Aero ProPad for table size selected above

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