Tether Tools Buzz: StrapMoore

Posted by: on May 22, 2012

Tether Tools Buzz: StrapMoore

The StrapMoore is a handy contraption that was developed to help adhere a powerbrick to the tripod or lightstand where a Tether Table is mounted. The Gripper Elastic straps secure to the leg of any tripod, light stand, beam and more to keep just about anything you need near your camera or computer.  Since developing the StrapMoore, it’s turned into a much more diverse piece of gear thanks to Tether Tools customers. Here are some ways to use your StrapMoore:

Avoid dangling a mic receiver by mounting it on a video tripod for use in HDSLR video productions. Photo submitted by Erik Valind.

Mount battery packs of all sizes for video camera use directly on your stand.

Keep PocketWizards and light meters from dangling off your grips and stands during shoots. Photo submitted by Sean Armenta.

Organize unruly cords by securing them with a StrapMoore (or two or three) as shown here during NAB tradeshow demos at B&H Photo’s Video Village.