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Press Releases

September 11, 2014: Tether Tools Introduces AeroTab Series
April 22, 2014: Brad Matthews joins Tether Tools as Business Development Director
February 26, 2014: Tether Tools and Røde Announce International Short Film Contest with More than $70,000 in Prizes
October 18, 2013: Tether Tools Introduces Wireless Tethering Kits
September 16, 2013: Tether Tools® Introduces Better When You Tether Series
August 7, 2013: Tether Tools & Phase One Announce Special Pro Tether Kit with Capture One Pro 7
July 17, 2013:  Tether Tools Makes Photo Booth Set Up Easy for Wedding & Event Photographers
March 11, 2013: Hands-Free Sling Strap Solution for iPad/Tablet Users
February 25, 2013: New Local Vu & Go Vu Monitor Mounting Solutions VESA
January 23, 2013: Tether Tools Expands Line with Four JerkStopper Thread Mount Cable Management Devices
October 22, 2012: Tether Tools Showcases NEW Gear at PDN Photo Plus 2012 Expo
September 10, 2012: Tether Tools Introduces Rock Solid iPad & Tablet Mounts for Photographers, Musicians and Videographers
July 18, 2012: Tether Tools Forms Distribution Partnership with Kayell Australia
March 21, 2012: Tether Tools Introduces Wallee Connect Lite for Mounting iPad Virtually Anywhere
January 25, 2012: Tether Tools Launches New TetherPro Photography Cables
August 2, 2011: New iPad Wallee Connect Mounts for Photo and Film Workflow New Product Advisory
June 20, 2011: Tether Tools Appoints ITC Group Exclusive Distributor to Benelux
June 15, 2011: LAJO-4 ProBracket for the Aero System Introduced
May 4, 2011: Tether Table Aero for the iMac Press Release
March 9, 2011: Studio Vu Press Release
January 24, 2011:Aero XDC Press Release
November 16, 2010: Tether Tools Holiday Gift Guide Media Advisory
November 2, 2010: JerkStopper Press Release
September 14, 2010: Tether Tools Appoints Nadel Distributor in Canada
August 18, 2010: Adorama to Sell Tether Tools Product Line Press Release
August 2, 2010: Tether Table Aero Press Release

Product Reviewers’ Guides

Tether Table Aero Series – Reviewer’s Guide
Tether Tools Accessories – Reviewer’s Guide

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