How to use the JerkStopper Camera Support

How to use the JerkStopper Camera Support

The JerkStopper Camera Support is a great tool to keep your USB cable connected to your camera as well as protect your port from expensive damage.

The JerkStopper camera support consists of two separate pieces. One piece will stay connected to your camera, the other piece will stay connected to your cable. These two pieces are connected via a quick disconnect.

The piece on the camera side will connect to your camera straps eyelet. Feed the small string through the eyelet, spread the loop, and feed the plastic piece through the loop. Pull tight. It is recommended to leave this piece attached your camera at all times.

For the piece attached to your cable, remove the “U” connector by sliding it off of the larger plastic piece. Feed the USB cable through the U shaped plastic piece and slide the U-shaped plastic piece back onto the connector. Try and get the connection as tight as possible. Once installed, it is recommended that you leave it on your cable at all times.

You will want to make sure that you leave enough slack between the USB connector and the JerkStopper so that when connected, all tension put on the cable is placed directly on the camera strap eyelet and not on the USB port of the camera.

When you are done shooting, use the quick disconnect to disconnect your cable from your camera and put away. When you are ready to shoot again simply re-connect the two pieces of the church stopper, and you’re ready to go.

JerkStopper Camera Support