Why It’s a Must to Shoot Tethered for Commercial Clients

Why It’s a Must to Shoot Tethered for Commercial Clients

You know the old adage “time is money” – well that rings true for photographers and their clients. Shooting tethered can help fine-tune image quality and simplify the selection process. Everything you do is for the convenience of the client and shooting tethered allows your client to be an active part of the shoot.

Need more convincing? Here a recent post from New York City-based photographer Hassan Kinley.

Not wanting creative directors to monitor and correct my shots as they came out of the camera, I decided— from the very start of my photography career—not to shoot my camera tethered. I thought that, if the creative director tried to correct each shot that I captured, those small tweaks would interrupt the flow of what was going on between the model and myself and disrupt the moment that I worked so hard to create.

Nowadays though, I find that I actually prefer to shoot tethered instead. Seeing my images on a larger monitor, rather than the little screen on my camera, makes a huge difference. The monitor magnifies what’s out of place in an image while giving me the opportunity to make corrections in the camera instead of in post-production—I’ve always been the type of photographer who likes to get the shot right in-camera.

Shooting tethered also allows you to shoot less. As soon as that perfect shot comes in, you see it right away! Done! Next shot. Of course, it isn’t ideal for street photographers or those who shoot outdoors, as it’s difficult to shoot spontaneously if you’re tethered to a laptop and carrying extra gear around with you. That’s when the screen on the camera works best. But if you haven’t tried to shoot tethered yet I highly recommend you trying it in a studio setting with a digital tech to help you through the process.

For those who own the Sony A7 III and a newer PowerBook, I recommend the Tether Tools “Type C to Type C cable” and “TetherBlock” that you screw on to the bottom of your camera—so you can run your cable through it. The block prevents the cable from popping out of the camera’s port and keeps it in place under the camera.

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