Tech Tip: Using the Case Air Wireless Tethering System with Capture One

Tech Tip: Using the Case Air Wireless Tethering System with Capture One

Bio: Catherine Slye is a fine art photographer and manages all technical support for Tether Tools. Follow her on Instagram at @catslye and online at

“Can I use my Case Air with Capture One?”

Yes! It is possible to shoot images with our Case Air and your camera and have those images populate into a Watch Folder, also known as a Hot Folder. Capture One will display your images as they are detected in that Watch Folder. For this particular Tech Tip, I will be demonstrating on a Mac.

1. Create new folder on desktop to receive the new images you will create.

2. Connect the Case Air to your camera and computer.

3. Open Settings in the Case Remote.

4. Double click the blue-colored folder.

5. Drill to the folder you created in Step 1.

6. Make sure in the Case Remote, the Download folder location is pointing to the folder you created.

7. Keep the Case Air application open – DO NOT close out of Case Remote; leave it open on your desktop.

8. Open Capture One.

9. Make sure you are on Library Mode.

10. Create a New Session. Be sure to name it different than what you used in Step 1.

11. Open the Capture Folder.

12. Drill to the folder created in Step 1.

13. Click Set as Capture Folder.

14. Now, in your Session, make sure Capture Folder is highlighted.

15. Take test shot in Case Air.

16. Images will populate in the Case Remote first, then appear in Capture one.

Make sure to shoot in RAW + JPG small, then in the Case Remote Settings to turn ON RAW Download Ignore – this tells Case Remote to only transmit the JPG thumbnail. Turn Auto Download ON.

Please note: Case Remote will not save the download location you have selected in between usage. You will need to create a new, empty folder each time you connect to Capture One through a Watch Folder.