Tech Tip: Unboxing and Setting Up Your Case Air Wireless Tethering System

Tech Tip: Unboxing and Setting Up Your Case Air Wireless Tethering System

Author Bio: Catherine Slye is a fine art photographer and manages all technical support for Tether Tools. Follow her on Instagram at @catslye_photography and online at

The award-winning Case Air Wireless Tethering System connects and transfers images instantly from your camera to a phone, tablet or computer. Control advanced camera settings including focus points, exposure settings, bracketing, time-lapse, and more. If you haven’t already purchased the Case Air, get it here. If your Case Air has arrived and you’ve downloaded the Case Remote app/software — read on and let’s get your new Case Air all set for success.

First things first — open the box!  Your Case Air comes with a Quick Start Guide and the included items are neatly tucked away under the Case Air. Let’s connect the quick-release lanyard first. Locate the fishing hook-like tool and the lanyard.

Disengage the lanyard so you have two halves, and insert one end of the loop into one of the square holes.

Use the fishing hook-like tool to pull the loop out of the hole. When done it should look like the below image. Then attach the lanyard halves back together. If you’re having trouble, watch our Case Air Lanyard Installation video.

Now, charge up the Case Air. First, locate the Charging Cable with a USB male end and connect the micro end to the Case Air.

Connect the USB end to a USB Wall Adapter (not included) and plug into an outlet to charge.

The battery indicator light on your Case Air will blink while charging. The light will turn from red or amber to green, and when the light completely stops blinking it is now fully charged. Now you’re ready to connect the Case Air to your camera. Locate the compatible USB cable for your camera’s data port and insert into your camera and Case Air.

Press and hold the button to turn the Case Air on. The battery level light will come on, and the blue WiFi network indicator light will begin flashing. The WiFi network has been created by the Case Air when the blue light becomes solid. 

Access the available WiFi network on your phone, tablet or computer and select the Case Remote WiFi network then enter the password shown on the back of your Case Air.

Finally, open the Case Remote app or software and get to work! For more information visit the Case Air Wireless Tethering System FAQ page.