Tech Tip: How to Use Case Air Wireless Tethering System’s Full Screen Mode

Tech Tip: How to Use Case Air Wireless Tethering System’s Full Screen Mode

Bio: Catherine Slye is a fine art photographer and manages all technical support for Tether Tools. Follow her on Instagram at @catslye_photography and online at

A recent update to the Case Air Wireless Tethering System’s companion app, Case Remote, now allows photographers to view images in full screen as they shoot. Double tap a thumbnail in Capture mode to go into full screen mode, then as you shoot the image will change to the new shot automatically. Perfect for viewing images in greater detail and working with clients on set. Here’s how to set it up.

Connect your Case Air to your camera and iOS or Android device as you normally would.

Take a photo then tap the photo thumbnail to open it into the Capture Window.


Double tap the photo in Capture Window to activate it into Full Screen mode.

Note: Your iOS or Android device must have Portrait Orientation Lock: OFF (iOS) or Auto-Rotate OFF (Android) for Full Screen Mode to work correctly.



The image you double tapped will fill the screen, rotate the device to view.


Full Screen Mode fills the screen with your captured image, removing all the Case Remote functions, including the shutter release button.  Simply use the shutter release button on your camera to continue to shoot while in Full Screen Mode. As you shoot images will transfer to your device in Full Screen Mode. Double tap image to toggle out of Full Screen Mode and back to Capture window.