Spider Monkey 3 Pack of Adhesive Tabs

The Spider Monkey 3 pack of adhesive tabs is the perfect addition for photographers who already own the Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit but need extra tabs for additional accessories such as a flash, light meter, or battery pack.

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Spider Monkey 3 Pack of Adhesive Tabs

Each of the 3 adhesive tabs feature a small disc-like protrusion that slides and locks in the base clip sold in the Spider Monkey Accessory Holster Kit. The tabs feature 3M adhesive for a secure attachment to your accessory.

Attach the adhesive tab to your accessory, then easily remove and reattach the accessory to your Spider Monkey Holster using only one hand. To release, push your gear against the base and lift. The system provides a quick-draw method of retrieving gear since it eliminates the hunt through your bag for an item, keeping various pieces of equipment at arm’s reach.

Suggested Uses:

Also available in a bundle with the Case Relay.

Product Specifications:

  • Spider Monkey is not for use with camera bodies or accessories weighing over 1.5 pounds

Includes Tether Tools Limited 90 Day Warranty

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What’s Included:

  • Three (3) adhesive Spider Monkey Tabs