X Lock Connect Lite iPad Mounting System

Tether Tools X Lock Connect Lite Mounting System,with articulating arm and clamp allows one to position the iPad conveniently.

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X Lock Case for iPad


Rock Solid Articulating Arm with Center Lock



Mount Your iPad Anywhere

tether-tools--wallee-connect-lite-ipad-tripod-mount-rock-solid-proclamp-articulating-armThe Connect Lite kit allows you to mount the iPad to any tripod, Master Clamp, arm or other versatile support attachments utilized in the photography or film industry. The X Lock Case secures to the back of your tablet and the Connect Lite bracket locks into the case, allowing you to mount your iPad on various photography stands.

Designed and manufactured by Tether Tools, exclusively for the X Lock System by Studio Proper, the Connect Lite helps position the iPad so you can increase workflow efficiency using the latest Apps and software solutions. These innovative tools are now conveniently and easily accessible whether you are shooting in the studio or on location.

How Does X Lock Connect Lite Work?

Outfitted with the exclusive locking-X and dual 1/4″-20 threads on the center back, as well as the outer edge, the Connect Lite offers hundreds of configurations for mounting your tablet. Rock Solid Tripod Adapter is also available.

X Lock System by Studio Proper was previously known as Wallee.

Suggested Uses:

  • Securely mount your iPad to stand, pole, chair, post or beam up to 2.5 inches. Display images during photo shoots.
  • Attach iPad to car headrest, gym equipment, fence posts or other places where you need to view your screen.
  • Shoot Tethered Wirelessly and mount iPad on tripod or lightstand to see images clearly.
  • Mount iPad virtually anywhere needed with this kit.

Product Specifications:

  • Mounting the iPad is easy. Attach the Connect Lite to the included arm and clamp and position it on any round or flat surface. Or attched the Connect Lite directly to any tripod. With the iPad in the X Lock Case, then simply place the open X on the case over the X on the bracket. Rotate 45 degrees and with a simple click the tablet is locked in place and ready to use. Rotate 90 degrees to change orientation without removing the device from the bracket.

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The Tether Tools X Lock Connect Lite Mounting Kit includes: