Juce Screen and Device Cleaner (2oz) + Cleaning Cloths

Juce® is an alcohol and ammonia free cleaner that cuts through the dust and dirt that has accumulated on your device's screen. This 2oz. travel size comes with two reusable screen cleaning cloths.

$ 12.95


Mean, Green, and Ready to Clean

After a while, your bright and beautiful screen may have lost some of its original luster. This is probably due to air-borne dust and dirt accumulating on the screen’s surface. This thin layer of dirt reduces your screen’s clarity, brightness and color accuracy. The solution is simple – give it a good cleaning.

However, many household cleaners contain active ingredients which can damage your screen’s sensitive surface and most device screens have a special coating which will be broken down over time if you are using the wrong solutions and cloths.

Juce® is the complete solution for your device cleaning needs. The 2oz (60ml) Juce pump is the perfect companion at home, in the studio, or on location. Its TSA-approved size is small enough for travel and fits easily in an organization case so Juce is handy whenever you need it. Kit includes Juce cleaning solution in a non-drip pump bottle and 2 Juce reusable cleaning cloths.

Juce is alcohol and ammonia free. Not only does aJ remove stains and oils from all screens, it also polishes the surface of your electronics. Environmentally friendly, aJ has an organic green apple scent – one application will have your computer clean and your home, studio, or office smelling great.

Juce is also available in Juce Screen and Device Cleaner (2ml keychain size) + Chamois and Juce Screen and Device Cleaners (2oz & 8oz) + Cleaning Cloths. Both include reusable screen cleaning cloths.

Suggested Uses:

  • Keep your screens and devices crystal clear and sparkling clean

Product Specifications:

  • Juce Screen and Device Cleaner (2oz)
  • 8″ x 8″ cleaning cloths

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What’s Included:

  • One (1) Juce Screen and Device Cleaner (2oz)
  • Two (2) Juce reusable screen cleaning cloths