Aero Brochure Holder

The Aero Brochure Holder is a clear clip-on brochure holder that attaches to the Tether Table Aero to display marketing materials.

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Keep on Marketing

Photographers shooting on location draw attention – use the Aero Brochure Holder to take advantage of this interest and promote your business.

Designed to hold a standard tri-fold or rack-card brochure, the Aero Brochure Holder can hold anything from forms for a youth sports shoot to a brochure with portfolio and contact information.

Set up your workstation, clip on your brochure holder, get to work, and as attendees pay you a visit, let your marketing materials introduce new clients to all of your services.

Developed for the Tether Table Aero System, the holder slides on to any flat edge of the Tether Table. It can be easily repositioned or removed as needed.

Suggested Uses:

  • Always have brochures, forms, or business cards handy for potential clients

Product Specifications:

  • Holder is designed to accommodate standard tri-fold or rack-card brochures.
  • Opening is 4″ wide X 1″ deep.
  • Maximum weight allowed: 1.0lb (.45kg)

Return Policy

What’s Included:

  • One (1) Aero Brochure Holder