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Aero XDC Duo

axdcd-tether-tools-aero-xdc-duo-table-external-hard-drive-holder-05-webThe Aero XDC (eXternal Drive Compartment) Duo allows you to attach two external hard drives to your Tether Table Aero without taking up valuable space on the platform. External hard drives play an enormous role in a tethered photographer’s work-flow. External hard drives:

• Provide instant image portability
• Overcome limited internal computer hard-drive space
• Allow you to implement a real-time back-up system
• Protect against drive failure, which can cause loss of images and work.

The Aero XDC and XDC Duo are the ideal external drive compartments to use with any Tether Table Aero. The XDC Duo frees up valuable space on the Tether Table due to its low-profile sleeve which mounts under the table’s surface. The compartment’s tunnel design allows for easy connectivity of drives and cables and provides efficient ventilation, keeping your drive cool.

Seamless Integration

Artfully designed to seamlessly integrate with the complete Aero System product line, the XDC is constructed of the same lightweight T6 Aerospace aluminum and is finished in brushed silver or non-reflective black to complement the Tether Table Aero.

Complete Versatility

The Aero XDC Duo can be positioned on either side of any Tether Table Master, Standard or Traveler, integrating effortlessly into any photographer’s existing work-flow. The Aero XDC Duo is also compatible with the Aero MacBook Pro 13”, 15″, 17″ and iMac Tether Tables, but can only be positioned on the left side of the table. If you have a custom-designed Tether Table, please contact design@TetherTools.com to check compatibility.

Flawless Crafting

The Aero XDC Duo is designed to fit most popular mobile external hard drives, such as the G-Tech Mini, used by photographers. XDC and custom designed compartments are also available.

Suggested Uses

Attach two external hard drives underneath the surface of the Tether Table

  • 3 7/8""W x 2 1/4""H x 6""D / 98mm x 57mm x 152mm (inside dimensions)
  • Holds one standard external hard drive
  • Brushed silver finish
  • Weighs 0.5lb
  • This product is not compatible with the Tether Table Premier.

Return Policy
What's in the Box?

Package includes:

Aero XDC Duo external hard drive container in brushed silver finish

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