The Tether Table Story

The Tether Table Premier was first introduced in 2008 and quickly gained traction with professional photographers. It filled a need for photographers – a secure, versatile, stable platform to secure their laptop computer when shooting tethered. The introduction of the Tether Table Aero System embodies the union of function and form. Conceived by professional photographers and designed by aerospace engineers, the Tether Table Aero Series is constructed completely of T6 Aerospace aluminum and this lightweight, sleek design is an invaluable and versatile piece of photography equipment.

The defining characteristic of the Aero Table is the LAJO-4 bracket. Offering unmatched functionality with four mounting options, the LAJO-4 bracket is built-in to four different Tether Tools products allowing creatives to mount their laptop, monitor, tablet, and iPad to any existing tripod, stand, pole, arm or clamp.

The Tether Table Aero System is fully customizable enabling photographers, videographers, and videographers to create a workstation that is exceptionally tailored to their individual workflow. Manufactured in the United States, all Tether Tables are constructed with the highest quality components and carry a Lifetime Warranty.

To hear more about the Tether Tools story, listen to this podcast featuring Lauren Kapinos. It was recorded at ImagingUSA 2016. Hosted by Robert Trawick and Jim Felder of the FotoFacts Podcast. If you’ve ever wondered how Tether Tools began and what drives the business, this podcast is worth a listen. Listen now