The Tether Table Story

The Tether Table® is a unique laptop podium support workstation system designed for professional and enthusiast photographers who shoot tethered – in the studio or on location.

The Tether Table Premier, introduced in 2009, quickly gained traction with professional photographers.  It filled a need for photographers – a secure, versatile, stable platform to secure their laptop computer when shooting tethered. The Tether Table Premier also introduced the LAJO Pivot Bracket enabling photographers, for the first time, complete versatility to use any tripod or studio stand to secure their table.

The introduction of the Tether Table Aero System embodies the union of function and form.  Conceived by professional photographers and designed by aerospace engineers, the Aero Series exceeds expectations for a portable computer tethering platform or versatile workstation.  Constructed completely of T6 Aerospace aluminum, this lightweight, sleek design is an invaluable and versatile piece of photography equipment.

The Tether Table works with tripods and stands photographers already own.

The Aero System features the LAJO-4 ProBracket which provides state of the art design and efficiency for integrated mounting on any 1/4″-20 tripod head, 3/8″ tripod mount, 5/8″ stud studio stand or an Arca style mounting attachment.  It mounts easily to any of these stands and supports in just a few seconds; no adapters needed.

Photographers may not always shoot tethered, but they always want to be prepared and professional.  The Aero Table serves also as a workstation home base and can be used to hold everything needed to get the shot right, including shot lists, Pocket Wizards, lenses, batteries or any type of gear needed within arms reach.  In the studio, the Aero Table can be easily mounted on a roller stand to quickly reposition equipment as angles change and photo shoots evolve.

All Tether Tables include a custom, high quality storage case for protection and transportation when not in use. The Tether Table Aero is available in a variety of sizes but can also be custom designed to meet the particular criteria of the user.  A suite of Aero System accessories complete the set up including the Tether Tools Secure Strap, XDC (External Drive Compartments), JerkStopper cable management options, USB ProLight and more.

For those who want a seamless workflow, the Aero System from Tether Tools offers a professional approach to photo shoots and is especially handy when working with art directors and clients. It complements new technology and upgrades the way photographers manage their workflow.  Manufactured in the United States, all Tether Tables are constructed with the highest quality components and carry a lifetime warranty.

Lauren Simons, Tether Tools VP of Sales and Marketing

To hear more about the Tether Tools story, listen to this podcast featuring Lauren Kapinos. It was recorded at ImagingUSA 2016. Hosted by Robert Trawick and Jim Felder of the FotoFacts Podcast. If you’ve ever wondered how Tether Tools got our beginning and what drives the business, the podcast is worth a listen.