Newsletter – August 2013

August 2013

Creating A Portable Workstation

Tether Tools' Versatile Tripod Laptop Stand

Tether Tools’ Tether Table Aero Series was designed as a portable tethering platform, but it also can be used for so much more. Mount your Tether Table Aero to any tripod to create a laptop stand, lectern or printer platform. Or, add in a chair or stool and you’ve got a moveable desk to take where you need it. The Tether Table portable workstation is professional, sleek and easy to take on the road. Here’s how it all comes together:
  • T6 Aerospace Aluminum: The Tether Table Aero Series is made from T6 aerospace grade aluminum, which is extra strong and durable. Plus, the material has little flex so it’s a very stable surface even though it’s still lightweight and portable.
  • The Brackets: Every Tether Table comes standard with the LAJO-4 ProBracket, a highly efficient bracket for mounting the laptop stand to your tripod. Or accessorize with the lightweight, low-profile LoPro-2 Bracket, which is interchangeable and ideal for transporting the table in a backpack or bag. Its hollowed design makes it well-crafted for balance and good function.
  • Aero ProPad: Also sold separately, the Aero ProPad is an easy-to-use, non-slip cushioned pad with a specially formulated composite to disperse heat from laptops. It keeps gear placed on your Tether Table from slipping or scratching, and the water- and stain-proof pad simply wipes clean.

Green Screen Photo Booth

Create Photos With Unlimited Backgrounds

By Dave Cross
Needless to say, photo booths continue to be extremely popular, and thanks to a simple green screen setup you can quickly and easily create photos with unlimited backgrounds. In this example, I have a Westcott Green Screen Backdrop on a background stand with two Spiderlites. Of course you could use any lighting setup, but I prefer constant lights for a couple of reasons: it allows for quick shots without any delays waiting for a flash, and there’s no bright pop of flash to “interrupt” the event.
My camera is tethered to my laptop that’s sitting on a Tether Tools Aero MacBook 15" table. Although I didn’t use it for this sample setup, I always add on the SecureStrap for an added bit of security and peace of mind. Although I would have someone manning the photo booth at all times, I am still concerned about the safety of my equipment, so I use the JerkStopper Tethering Kit, securing the tethering cable to my camera and to the laptop.
Visit the Tether Talk blog to see Dave’s complete green screen photo booth setup.

Tethered Photography Q&A

Finding The Right Tethering Cable

Q: I’m not sure what kind of tethering cable my camera takes. How do I know what to buy?
A: Most cameras on the market today that offer tethering capabilities require a USB 2.0 cable. Currently, there are only a few DSLRs and a couple of Medium-Format Digital backs utilizing a USB 3.0 cable. You can confirm the proper cable compatibility for your camera by visiting our Camera Compatibility Guide
Q: Can I buy a USB 3.0 cable and plug it into my existing camera and computer to achieve faster transfer file speed?
A: No, most DSLR cameras utilizing USB 2.0 are the Mini-B format, where as USB 3.0 utilizes a different style connector most common being the Micro-B. Both cables feature a Male-A on the other end, which plugs into any computer’s USB port.
Want more information on USB tethering cables? Read the Tether Talk posts on USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 compatibility.
Photo by Shanna Forlano
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