Tether Cable Management with the ProMediaGear L-Bracket and JerkStopper

Tether Cable Management with the ProMediaGear L-Bracket and JerkStopper

For photographers that shoot on a tripod, an L-Bracket is an essential piece of gear. Shooting tethered when using an L-Bracket however can be quite challenging. Using an L-Bracket from ProMediaGear outfit with a JerkStopper makes it possible.

For starters, if you are not familiar with the value of an L-Bracket, let me sum up it’s purpose and benefits for you:

An L-Bracket replaces the typical flat tripod mounting plate, with an L-shaped bracket that wraps around the left side AND bottom of your camera. L-Brackets utilize the standard Arca-Swiss style rail system for use in common quick release ballhead clamps.

This “L” design enables you to change the orientation of your camera from a horizontal to vertical orientation quickly and efficiently.

With a standard tripod plate, to shoot in a vertical or portrait orientation, you need to use the drop-notch on your ballhead to “hang” your camera off-axis. This off-axis position is less than ideal for a couple of reasons: First, you lower your camera’s position when you “lay it down” requiring additional adjustment to your tripod. More at issue though, you throw off your tripod’s center of gravity making your set-up less stable—which is why you use a tripod in the first place! An L-Bracket keeps your camera centered over the apex of the tripod for maximum stability. Make sense? GREAT! You need an L-Bracket.

Now, for photographers that wish to shoot tethered in a vertical or portrait orientation, an L-Bracket can present a problem. Most L-brackets fit snuggly around the side of a camera, blocking the port that you plug in a USB cable. For years, photographers have had to make a decision: Shoot tethered “off-axis”, or don’t shoot tethered at all. Well, if you are reading this article, you already know that not tethering is NOT an option!

To solve the dilemma of shooting tethered in a vertical orientation, I use an L-Bracket from ProMediaGear (PMG). PMG’s L-Brackets feature a unique, two-piece design which incorporates a slide-out mechanism to extend the vertical plate out and away from the camera body. This feature provides access to ports on the side of my camera, and clearance for a TetherPro USB-C to Micro-B Right Angle cable. I like the right-angle as it extends just slightly from the side of the camera.

In order to secure the cable and protect the port on the camera, I attached a JerkStopper Thread Mount Cable Support from Tether Tools to the L-Bracket using the very handy ¼-20 slot on the bracket. With this configuration, I can position my camera vertically and centered on my ballhead while connecting to my computer via the TetherPro USB cable.

As an added benefit, the Jerkstopper also routes my cable conveniently away from the camera so I can easily take my camera off the ballhead and shoot comfortably handheld in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

ProMediaGear makes L-Brackets and other fine, precision-machined hardware and accessories for photographers, including flash brackets, tripods and ballheads. Some of their L-Brackets are camera-specific, while others are universal. Regardless which model camera you have, using ProMediaGear’s smart, two-piece L-Bracket system can enable you to shoot tethered in a vertical orientation. The JerkStopper line of products from Tether Tools includes clips, clamps, straps and more to keep your USB cable safely and securely attached to your camera. Together, they make a solid bracket for tethering.

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