Client Lock Mode Added to Case Air Wireless Tethering System

Client Lock Mode Added to Case Air Wireless Tethering System

The small, but mighty Case Air Wireless Tethering System has made quite a splash with photographers and opened up workflows not previously possible with traditional tethered photography.

Since the product’s release, Tether Tools has worked hard to continually improve the Case Air and its companion app, Case Remote. Both the device and app have received several bug fixes, performance updates, and we’ve added features such as the ability to exclude RAW transfers when shooting JPG+RAW.

We’re thrilled to announce another significant upgrade for the Case Air, a Client Lock Mode now available on both the iOS and Android platform versions of the Case Remote app.

What is Client Lock Mode?

Client Lock Mode removes all camera controls from the Case Remote app main display so that your camera settings can’t be changed, or the camera controlled. This allows you to control shooting while you give the iPad, tablet, or smartphone to the client, art director, or assistant. Your client can see the images coming in real-time, but they’re unable to adjust settings or accidentally fire the camera. Your client can view the wirelessly transferred shots as they’re captured, swipe back and forth on images from the session, but not interfere with your shoot.

Setting up Client Lock Mode

Putting the Case Remote app in Client Mode takes three simple steps. First, open the Settings tab and select ENTER the Click Lock Mode.

Next, enter a four-digit Passcode of your choosing.

You’ll receive a confirmation that your Passcode has been set.

Finally, hand the tablet or smartphone back to your client or assistant. They’ll now be able to view images as they come into the Case Remote app as well as images previously captured in the session. Buttons that allow the user to capture images and change settings are now grayed out and unusable.

To exit the Client Lock Out Mode simply reverse the steps. Enter your Settings tab, select Client Lock Out Mode and enter your selected four-digit Passcode. If you forget your four-digit Passcode, close and re-open the Case Remote app to unlock. Note that the Client Lock Out Mode is only available for iOS and Android and will not be added at this time to the Mac and Windows version of the Case Remote app.