Transferring Images from Case Remote to Adobe Lightroom CC on Mobile

Posted by: on Jul 27, 2018

Transferring Images from Case Remote to Adobe Lightroom CC on Mobile

A frequent question we get when Case Air Wireless Tethering System users are using their mobile device is how they can move images from the Case Remote software into Adobe’s mobile version of Lightroom CC. Many apps have the ability to do a this from the share sheet. For instance, you can click share and send an image directly into Slack, Dropbox or other applications you have installed.


Unfortunately, Adobe has yet to make this option available for Lightroom CC on Mobile. So here is the step by step process to move photos from the Case Remote software to Lightroom CC.

1. Capture the image you want on Case Remote using the Case Air like normal.

2. Once you have the image you want, click the flyout menu and hit the save icon. This will save it to your camera roll or photos section.

3. Launch Adobe Lightroom CC

4. Click the icon to open an image from your device.

5. Choose the photo you saved in step #2 and tap to open it.

6. Make your desired adjustments. Lightroom CC for Mobile has a ton of great capabilities including healing brushes, light and color adjustments, cropping and much more. Once you’re done, tap the check mark to save. From here you can access the share sheet, save to the camera roll, open it in another program or even export the original.

If you click the gear icon next to the “Save to Camera Roll” option, you will have the option to include a watermark and other metadata.

7. Adjust these setting how you see fit, then tap on “Save to Camera Roll.” You’ll be asked what size image you want to save.

Choose your size and tap on it.

8. Now the edited photo is in your camera roll next to the original. If you want to delete the original, feel free.