Photographer Spotlight: Karen Alsop

Posted by: on Nov 10, 2015

Photographer Spotlight: Karen Alsop

karenalsopKaren Alsop is a  professional photographer and Tether Tools Pro Ambassador based in Australia, who shoots and teaches around the globe. Her work can be found at

I would describe my style of photography as… 

Imaginative, creative, storytelling imagery. I dream up the images in my mind and set out to achieve the picture I envision through creative photography and skilled Photoshop work. I like to take the unbelievable and turn it into reality through my artwork.

How did you get started with tethered photography?

When I started creating composites I realized the benefit of seeing an image on my computer straight away. Composites are complex, and everything needs to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Before tethering I was constantly stopping the session and importing of the card. Tethering gives me immediate feedback. I also tether when I teach, which is essential to participants being able to understand visually what I’m communicating.

 My dream gig would be…

I’d love to have a large corporate company hire me to create an imaginative ‘Story Art’ image for their promotion. If they were to commission me then give me total creative control, from idea to output, that would certainly be a dream gig. Truth is though, I already get a lot of these dream gigs on a smaller scale. I have clients hire me to create dynamic images where only my imagination is my limitation.

My favorite piece of gear is…        

Ask me tomorrow my answer will probably be different. I’m love gear, I’m a bit of a gear junky. I’ve recently purchased the Sony A7RII and love the quality and features on this little mirrorless camera. I also love my Wacom Companion 2 which is an all in one tablet and computer. I can work on high-end Photoshop images on the road. The portability it provides is amazing.

The best advice I can offer a fellow photographer would be…

Follow your passion. Don’t be afraid to dream big and push through to achieve your goals. A year ago I was shooting Weddings and Portraits. But after 15 years of the same my creative levels were starting to dry up. Story Telling Compositing has provided new challenges and inspired me to push my limits. I’m now creating images that tell a story, rather than just capturing a story in motion.

What was your reaction to hearing the news that you were selected as the next Tether Tools Pro Ambassador?

I was quite astounded. Firstly, to be chosen as a finalist was a big shock. Looking at the other photographers portfolios, the quality was outstanding. I’m new to this genre and have pushed hard to get to where I am now. To be named Global Tether Tools Ambassador was totally unexpected though. I’m so grateful to Tether Tools. I’m now able to take my tethering and workflow to the next level.

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