Capturing the Fall Leaves with Tether Tools

Posted by: on Oct 19, 2015

Capturing the Fall Leaves with Tether Tools

Photo Courtesy of Forest Wander Nature Photography
Photo Courtesy of Forest Wander Nature Photography

The image opportunities and overall inspiration of the fall colors are unparalleled. If you’re out shooting this season, either capturing nature shots or family portraits, doing so tethered can make your life a whole lot easier.
You can check the vivid colors and details of your shots, and if you’re working with families, include them in the shoot by previewing certain shots.

Tether Tools makes shooting tethered in the great outdoors a breeze with our Aerotab Utility Kit. Using a tablet to shoot tethered, the kit allows photographers to mount your tablet to a tripod leg while on location.

Ideal for just about anywhere, the Utility Kit is a non-permanent attachment that easily secures and removes in seconds. The whole system stores compact for easy transport so you can take and use your tablet in any situation.

Utilizing a tablet to shoot tethered, and using the Aerotab Utility Kit to mount the tablet to a tripod leg so that your clients can still follow along while on location.


How does the AeroTab Utility Kit Work?

The kit includes an AeroTab Universal Tablet Mounting System S2 and an EasyGrip Clamp. Once the tablet is placed in the diagonal extension, slide the non-slip, scratch proof corners onto the tablet for a snug fit. Tighten the AeroTab by turning the bracket. Then attach the AeroTab to the EasyGrip. Mount the EasyGrip clamp onto your tripod leg and use the tightening knob to ensure the kit is secure. The kit features a small articulating ball head for angling the tablet to the ideal position.

The Ultimate Tethering Guide

The majority of Android tablets feature a USB port for tethering wired, unfortunately Apple tablets (iPads) do not, and you’ll need to wirelessly tether.

Unsure on how wirelessly tether? Below is an excerpt from the Ultimate Tethering Guide created by Tether Tools and the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), Chapter 6 in the Guide expressly details how wireless tethering works, download now by visiting

How Wireless Tethering Devices Work

Wireless transmitters are designed to send data from one device to another without cables in between. Some wireless tethering devices require you to be hooked up to an existing wireless network to transfer data. Existing wireless networks are often more robust as they are designed for many devices using the same network.

Other wireless transmitters actually work as ad-hoc networks, creating the connectivity directly between camera and device without needing an existing network. Ad-hoc networks allow use of your wireless device in remote locations where no existing wireless network can be found.

Wireless tethering transmitters can typically send images to any computer/laptop, iPad, tablet or phone. The most common are devices running iOS, Android, Mac and Windows operating systems.

Wireless Transmitter Options

It is important to note that while there are differences in cable quality, speed, build and signal reliability which can affect a tethered shoot, all cables are technically designed to work the same way, given the same camera and computer/software set ups.

Wireless transmitter manufacturers, however, use a variety of different technologies and each has its own proprietary software or application that receives the information being transferred. These differences in transmitter type and applications create large variances in what wireless transmitter systems can do for you. Here are the most common types for DSLR, mirrorless and Medium Format cameras.

  1. DSLR Built-In, Plug-In and Wireless Cards
  2. Camera Manufacturer Solutions
  3. Non-Proprietary 3rd Party Wireless Solutions
  4. Medium Format Digital Back Wireless Built-In Transmitters

Each of these transmitters typically sends images to an application or folder on either an iOS, Android, Mac or PC device (not all operating systems are supported by all devices). Beyond that their set up and available functions vary depending on the type and brand you choose.