8 Tether Tools Products That We Love

8 Tether Tools Products That We Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we polled our office and asked, “What’s a Tether Tools product that you adore and can’t get enough of?” Here are 8 products that we’ve fallen in love with (and think you will too).

The RapidMount Q20. It’s a great product that allows me to capture treasured memories with my loved ones by being able to mount our GoPro to the wall in our house and get video of our kids’ birthday parties and holiday traditions without having to worry about one of them knocking something over and allows me to actually be in the video, which is a huge plus. – Laura, PR & Marketing

I love the TetherBoost Pro. Years ago, USB 3.0 users did not have a solution to manage the power issue and disconnects that came with shooting tethered using a USB 3.0 cable to a laptop. Because it resolves the common power issue for USB 3.0 users, the introduction of the TetherBoost Pro quickly became a crowd favorite and must have. The TetherBoost turned a lot of frowns upside down. – Liz, Sales

The Rock Solid External Power Bank is one of my favorites because it provides power for my tethering needs but also for my busy on the go lifestyle. I get to avoid charging my phone in an outlet or charging station while traveling and attending all-day music festivals. It is nice to have power on the go and is a good conversation piece. – Liz, Sales

I love the Tether Table Aero because of the versatility as a tethering workstation but also its use to hold some other items such as projectors, battery packs, papers, etc. Having a portable desk/table comes in handy.  – Josh, Founder, and CEO

TetherBlock Arca. I feel that my USB port is very protected, and I love the versatility of the integrated tripod mount. – Josh, VP of Marketing

The Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm. This thing is beefy and versatile. The arm can be used to hold a tablet or iPad, reflector, camera, etc. The center lock uses locking teeth instead of a friction pad so your item stays in place and doesn’t sag or move around. Tom, Content Marketing

My favorite product is the AeroTab Universal Tablet System.  It fits any size tablet and comes with the versatility of our LAJO4 bracket.  It virtually allows you to mount any tablet to anything. – Steven, Product Development

Can I say more than one? I love my tethering setup. I have a Tether Table Aero with ProPad that keeps my laptop from sliding around. The table has Aero Clip-on Hooks for keeping my cable neat and managed and a JerkStopper Aero Clip-on Support that connects to the Tether Table and keeps my cable plugged into the laptop. My TetherPro USB cable is locked into place with the TetherBlock Arca which seamlessly attaches to my Arca-style tripod. – Catherine, Customer Service