5 Top Pro Photographers Share Their Holiday Wish List

5 Top Pro Photographers Share Their Holiday Wish List

With the holidays quickly approaching we reached out to five top photographers and asked them what’s on their photography gear wish list, and, what they’re buying for their photography assistant or digitech.

Tether Tools Pro Clay Cook is a top fashion and editorial portrait photographer, who like most photographers, can never have enough clamps. A must-have in every kit, high-quality clamps are perfect for securing backdrops, fabric, bounce cards, or just about anything where an extra set of hands is helpful.

Tether Tools Rock Solid “A” Clamp in non-reflective black with coated handle and tip features spring-operated jaws that hold a variety of material efficiently and securely. The clamp includes four holes that allow for any piece of gear with a 1/4″-20 thread and accompanying nut to be attached to the clamp.

Tether Tools Pro and photography educator Frank Doorhof is hoping for a Case Relay Camera Power System for the holidays. The Case Relay Camera Power System introduces the first uninterruptible power system for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras to achieve consistent power with any common 5V USB battery pack or wall power.

Case Relay is compatible currently with many Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Olympus, and Black Magic cameras and can be powered by any 5V USB power bank any 2.1+A USB Wall Adapter or any Dtap (VMount) battery system.  It can also power any monitors and accessories that use the Sony NPFL Series batteries.

Tether Tools Pro Joe Edelman is creating a mobile studio on wheels so he and his assistant can easily move gear during a shoot.

In today’s fast-paced world of photography, sometimes your best-laid plans go awry and you need to move, change, and adjust on the fly. With the Rock Solid Low Boy Roller and Tripod Rocker, you’ll be able to swiftly move your lights in or out or to a completely different location. Roll your tripod closer, or back; push your tethered workstation over to an assistant or client to check a shot, and much, much more. Mobility is king. When everything is easier to move around, it encourages experimentation, to try new things that you may not have time for otherwise. When your stands, camera, and workstation are stuck to the ground, so are you, and it’s easier to be complacent.

Tether Tools Pro Joe McNally is constantly on the move, so an unorganized kit isn’t an option. There is nothing worse than showing up on set with a bag full of cables, ends damaged and a tangled mess. So, Joe is keeping everything organized with a Cable Organization Case and ProTab Cable ties.

As a photographer, you invest in the best tools available to help get the finest results. A quality tethering cable is an investment and proper care and storage will help you get the most life out of it.  Inside your USB, FireWire or Cat cable are sensitive wires and shielding designed for fast transmission speed and noise-reduction.  Although fairly durable, if folded, bent or pinched you could experience communication errors.

Tether Tools Pro Lindsay Adler is gifting her assistants a TetherBlock this year. When you’re working with high price camera equipment ensuring your data port stays protecting while shooting tethered is vital. The TetherBlock and TetherBlock Arca locks your tethered cable into place, keeping your TetherPro USB cable plugged in and your sensitive data port protected from damage.