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November 2011 Newsletter 

This month we feature an unsung hero in our product line – the Studio Vu and the many versatile uses for this hefty device. Plus, read about photographer Brad Moore and the new Tether Tools product that’s named for him! We also have a brief gifting guide to get your holiday wish list started and a great video on tethered photography featuring Frank Doorhof.


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Studio Vu Mounting System


Studio Vu
Studio Vu
 with Aero Master Tether Table


The Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Bracket was first released in March as a solution for videographers and photographers who wanted to shoot tethered to a large monitor, iMac or Cinema Display. As with many of our mounting solutions – our customers put the Studio Vu to even more uses that work for their business. Photo and video pros like the Studio Vu system because it’s versatile, adaptable and extremely stable – something we’re sure you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever invested in an iMac or any large monitor! Here are some of the uses we’ve discovered for the Studio Vu system:

  • In-studio: You can easily mount large screens to rolling stands, which is great especially for studio shoots and workshops where you need to share images with an audience.
  • Weddings and Events: Wedding and event photographers have used it to create new revenue opportunities. Playing pre-choreographed slideshows during events or promoting work as its being shot are great ways to make clients happy.  By playing slideshows of the images on a large display screen, photographers can inspire sales of the images even before they’ve finished shooting.
  • Tradeshows: The Studio Vu is a useful set-up for tradeshows. We’ve seen it used to mount TVs or other large monitors during networking events to display slideshows and videos.
  • For Education: Professors and instructors who work in classrooms that don’t have their own screens have purchased the Studio Vu system. They’ll add a baby side arm to the stand to mount a Tether Table, which can hold a keyboard and/or DVD player and replaces the need for a podium.  

Studio Vu


Tether Table Aero    

Do you have the Studio Vu system? If so, tell us how you use it and you could be featured on our Facebook page.


Tether Tools StrapMoore
Strap Your Gear Where You Want It, When You Need It



Many of our new products are developed specifically at the request of our customers. We love the challenge of helping solve a problem that will make photographers lives easier, your shooting more efficient and your gear more secure. So when we were approached by one of the world’s busiest photo assistants, who needed a better way to secure his laptop power pack to his tethered shooting set-up, we set out to solve his – and perhaps your – challenge.   


Ever wish a tripod or light stand had arms so it could hold more than just a camera or light?  Now it can. The StrapMoore is a handy contraption that secures to the leg of any tripod, light stand, table or chair. Its interior GripperElastic® straps allow you to secure just about anything you need near your camera or computer – like a laptop power brick, charger, phone, off-camera flash or any other item that needs a secure home in your workflow. The two securing straps and the holding strap are all adjustable so it can easily grip small and large equipment. Oh, and did we mention it’s named after this month’s Photographer Spotlight?

Photographer Spotlight
Brad Moore


Photo by Brad Moore
Photo by Brad Moore


Brad Moore is a photographer based in Tampa whose love for music is the basis of his active photography career. When he’s not shooting concerts, he works with Scott Kelby and the gang at Kelby Media Group as Scott’s photo assistant and photo studio manager. Brad also has been a contributing photographer to some of Scott’s best-selling books, including The Digital Photography Book Set. Before moving to Florida, he worked as an assistant to Joe McNally on jobs for National Geographic, Spots Illustrated, Golf Digest and more. Read more about Brad’s work and how having a product named after him changed his life.


Holiday Gifting Guide
Ideas for Every Budget



The holidays are just around the corner. Have you made your list yet? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a gift for the photographer in your life or searching for a way to send a helpful hint to friends and family, here are our suggestions for Tether Tools gifts on every budget.


  • Stocking Stuffer: The JerkStopper Tethering Kit ($21.95)  is one of the first things photographers need to get started in tethered shooting. These two cable management devices secure both your camera and computer by removing stress on cables and cords, and protect your equipment from potential damage.
JerkStopper Tethering Kit 
JerkStopper Tethering Kit
  • For the Gadget Guy or Girl: Bring an Apple iPad or iPad 2 anywhere with the Connect Kit ($119.90) which includes the Wallee iPad Case and Tether Tools Wallee Connect Bracket. The kit allows photographers to securely mount an iPad to any tripod, light stand or SuperClamp.
    Wallee Connect Kit 
    Wallee Connect Kit 
  • Go Pro in 2012: If a certain photographer has been really good this year, consider a complete Tether Table Workstation (approx. $220) with the  Tether Table Aero Master, Aero ProPad and External Drive Compartment – XDC. It’s the ultimate set-up that keeps all of your valuable gear safe and within reach – both on-location and in-studio.
Tether Tools Aero ProPad
Tether Tools Aero with ProPad and XDC


Got a tethered photography story or image to share? Tell us how you are using the iPad in your work? Let us know.
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Photographer Spotlight
Holiday Gift Ideas

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Cool Tools


Really Right  


The Really Right Cable Relief Spacer is a convenient Cool Tool when you’re using “straight in” cables or multiple tethered cables. It adds 1.25 inches of additional clearance for easily routing cables and also integrates a locking bar to prevent cables from getting knocked loose.


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